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The Accelerated Advantage: Finishing a Degree in Six Months

Carly walks across the stage at graduation

Alumna Carly DeVirgilio Giordano wanted to earn her bachelor’s degree in the most efficient way possible. She had been expecting a child, working full-time and attending college. To say she was on a time crunch would be an understatement, yet she managed to complete 33 credits of her bachelor’s in Organizational Management in six months.

She took advantage of WilmU’s accelerated block courses, which means that instead of the traditional 15-week semester, DeVirgilio Giordano opted to finish block courses in seven weeks. They weren’t difficult to schedule since WilmU offers six blocks per year, with start times every other month.

Many students like DeVirgilio Giordano transfer credits, and WilmU accepts up to 90 of them that go toward bachelor’s programs. Graduates of numerous local community colleges, including Delaware Tech, can transfer their full associate degrees to their WilmU bachelor’s degree programs, too.

WilmU recognizes that learning is also achieved outside the classroom, which is why it awards credit for professional experiences, licenses and certificates, to name some. Students are guided through a Prior Learning Assessment, since even they may not be aware of how much the University respects and awards them for their experiences.

They can also get things moving by completing graduate-level courses as part of their undergraduate degree programs through elective courses. And since WilmU courses are charged at the degree level instead of the course level, students save money.

DeVirgilio Giordano is not unlike other WilmU students. She needed to complete her studies resourcefully while balancing significant personal responsibilities. WilmU’s Accelerated Advantage made that possible.

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