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Distinguished Fortune 500 business leaders galvanize WilmU students at the Second Global Business Forum

Global Business Forum logoThe second Global Business Forum took place on February 15, 2023, and featured experts with extensive backgrounds in various sectors of global business, many in high-profile companies, including supply chain management, human resources, marketing, and finance.

“This was a highly engaging and informative virtual event,” says Dr. Robin Weinstein, Professor, Academic Director in the College of Business and creator of the forum. “We brought together a panel of high-level executives to share their business expertise and insights on the complexities and nuances of doing business in the global marketplace with our students and guests.”

The distinguished panel of business experts included:

Jeffrey Cousin, adjunct instructor in the WilmU College of Business since 2013, who spoke from 34 years in finance, business process improvement, and supply chain management at a Fortune 500 chemical company. He encouraged students to stay open to new opportunities, remain life-long learners, and maintain a global mindset as they reinvent themselves throughout their careers.

Melissa Greene, global HR services leader at W. L. Gore & Associates, who encouraged students to say “yes” to opportunities even when they are uncomfortable, and to have stretch goals.

Merck’s associate director of global oncology marketing, Patricia Molina, originally from Spain, whose global perspective encouraged students to find their passion, chart a pathway to achieve their goals, and deliver exceptional performance.

Laura Lubin Rossi, chief marketing officer for corporate impact at JPMorgan Chase & Co., who highlighted the importance of being curious, having a good understanding of “the language of business” – data analytics, and focus on delivering value to the organization, and emphasized the need to develop a success “tool kit” that includes life-long learning.

Global chief operating officer of Blackstone, Inc.’s structured finance group, Will Skinner, who encouraged the audience to be students of the world, become deep thinkers, protect their professional brand and adjust their careers to the changing landscape, and to have a purposeful approach to business decisions.person on computer attending a virtual event

The question and answer discussion following the panelists’ remarks centered on current geo-political issues, including the war in Ukraine and U.S.- China relations, and the many implications of these in doing business globally.

“When company leaders and universities come together, it opens up different levels of collaboration that motivate student engagement,” says Weinstein. “Events like the Global Business Forum enable the merger of theory with empirical evidence from experts in the industry to provide a platform for sharing compelling first-hand knowledge. It is business storytelling at its best. The increased participation and lively discussion indicated that the discussion resonated with students, and helped them to see how a successful global career is still quite possible.”

“Events like the Global Business Forum enable the merger of theory with empirical evidence from experts in the industry to provide a platform for sharing compelling first-hand knowledge.” — Dr. Robin Weinstein

In addition to Dr. Weinstein, the Global Business Forum team is comprised of Dr. Guillermina Gonzalez, Dr. Audrey Blume, and Assistant Professor Jean Davis. The team has already started coordinating the third forum, which will be announced soon.

“The Global Business Forum provides opportunity for students, faculty and alumni to meet with business leaders and discuss the social, financial, technological and cultural changes in today’s business environment,” says Dr. Kathy Kennedy-Ratajack, Dean of the College of Business at WilmU. “Leaders of globally integrated companies are in unique positions and can see the impact of current world events. The College of Business strives to connect students to those industry leaders to explore the breadth, depth and diversity of business in today’s world. It was exciting to see such great participation, and we look forward to offering more forums in the months ahead.”

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