A Recipe for Career Success

Kim Gattuso and Heather Karns Building a law school’s professional development office from scratch is akin to making a complicated dessert. Both require several individual components combined in specific ratios to produce the desired result. Adding Wilmington University School of Law’s student-centered approach to the mix is the proverbial cherry on top. Crafting a robust career services…
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Non-Traditional Law Students

Jeffrey Zavrotny Over the past five years, more than 20% of all applicants to law school were 29 or older. Additionally, about half of all law school applicants over the same period were at least two years out of college when they applied to law school. So, the perception…

The True Crime Lecture Series

The Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas Since its inception in October of 2019, the Criminal Justice Institute’s True Crime Lecture Series has welcomed 20 internationally renowned speakers and authors and entertained nearly 4,000 fans. Fortified by their combined…

Managing a Media Firestorm

Julie Parker Julie Parker, a nationally regarded police and crisis communications expert, brings her considerable knowledge to the CJI from Nov. 29–Dec. 1, 2023, at WilmU’s Brandywine campus. Parker will teach the course, “Managing a Media Firestorm: Crisis Communications for Command Staff and PIOs.”  The communications pro believes that regardless of how well a communications plan is…
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From Dreamer to Restaurateur

Tomeka Crawford For 20 years, Tomeka Crawford worked in banking, while dreaming of opening her own restaurant. “I knew that I needed an education if I was going to realize my dream,” she recalls. That was a tall order for the Kent County woman, who already was working…

A New Dean

Dr. Tyler Wells Dr. Tyler Wells, a collaborative, innovative, and decisive leader committed to student success, has been named dean of the College of Education and Liberal Arts. Starting as an adjunct in 2001 in the College of Education, Dr. Wells became chair of the Office…

With Wisdom and Experience

Dr. Nancy Doody For 32 years, Dr. Nancy Doody has been part of the fiber at Wilmington University. She started as a secretary to the vice president for finance and soon learned that WilmU offers more than just a place to work.  “WilmU gave me a career path,” she says. The school also provided ready access to education. While Dr. Doody pursued her bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, she…
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A Visionary Among Us

Every year, the Delaware ACE Women’s Network (DAWN) names “visionaries,” women who contribute positively to their institutions, communities, families, and careers — forward thinkers in higher education. Wilmington University Professor and Center for Teaching…

A Fellow Among Fellows

Dr. Aaron Sebach In March, College of Health Professions and Natural Sciences Dean Dr. Aaron Sebach was inducted as a distinguished practitioner and fellow of the National Academies of Practice (FNAP). Fellowship is bestowed on leaders who have made enduring contributions to…

Youth and the Dangers of Social Media

Dr. Anthony Carcillo College of Technology Dean Dr. Anthony Carcillo recently treated students, teachers and parents of Brader Elementary School in Newark to a presentation about the dangers of social media. His timing could not have been better.  According to American Psychological Association Chief Science Officer Dr. Mitch Prinstein in a recent APA article, “At puberty, children begin to…
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