The First State-Run Animal Control Officers Academy

The CJI, in partnership with Delaware Animal Services, created thenation’sfirststate-run Animal Control Officers Academy. In October, a graduation ceremony celebrating the newly minted animal control officers was attended by luminaries such as State Sen. Stephanie L. Hansen, Delaware Animal Services personnel, including Chief Mark Tobin and Executive Director Christina…
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The True Crime Lecture Series

The Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas Since its inception in October of 2019, the Criminal Justice Institute’s True Crime Lecture Series has welcomed 20 internationally renowned speakers and authors and entertained nearly 4,000 fans. Fortified by their combined…

Managing a Media Firestorm

Julie Parker Julie Parker, a nationally regarded police and crisis communications expert, brings her considerable knowledge to the CJI from Nov. 29–Dec. 1, 2023, at WilmU’s Brandywine campus. Parker will teach the course, “Managing a Media Firestorm: Crisis…

Making Global Headlines: Experts From WilmU's CJI Break Down the Manhunt

Photos courtesy of the Pennsylvania State Police. During the massive search for a man who killed his ex-girlfriend and then escaped from prison, national and local media outlets like CNN, Fox and the Philadelphia Inquirer relied on Wilmington University’s Criminal Justice Institute experts to share insights and perspectives.  Scott Duffey Scott Duffey, the Institute’s co-director and a…
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The CJI’s True Crime Lecture Series

Last month, Wilmington University’s Criminal Justice Institute launched its True Crime Lecture Series. CJI directors Dr. Ray Carr and Scott Duffey lined up internationally recognized FBI profilers, undercover agents and investigators who handled some of the most notorious…