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Wilmington University Alumni Rachel Cathell and Dr. Paul Guenther Honored as Vista Millennial Superstars

Rachel Cathell and Paul Guenther

Wilmington University alumni Rachel Cathell and Dr. Paul Guenther were recognized as Vista Millennial Superstars at an awards reception and celebration for the entire 2023 Class of VISTA Millennial Superstars on May 18 at the Penn State Great Valley campus in Malvern, PA. The awards are given annually by Vista.Today to millennials who have made significant contributions in their respective fields prior to reaching the age of 40.  


Rachel Cathell

Rachel Cathell

Ms. Cathell serves as Executive Director for the Western Chester County Chamber of Commerce, where she has worked to promote economic growth in that area. Her leadership has resulted in increased opportunities for businesses and improved prospects for business development within the community.  

“This recognition is truly an honor because it validates not only my work but also the efforts of everyone involved with the Chamber,” says Cathell. “I take great pleasure in making that commitment to helping others and rolling up my sleeves to connect, build and facilitate resources for our businesses to grow while contributing to a community vision.”   


Paul Guenther

Dr. Paul Guenther

Dr. Guenther is the founder and CEO of West Chester-based Knowledge Hub Media, which provides award-winning B2B advertising, demand generation and technology publishing services. Since launching his business venture at a young age, he has established himself as a leading expert in his field.  

“I am thrilled to receive this award,” says Guenther. “It highlights the unique capabilities, creativity and innovative thinking that millennials bring to every sort of enterprise. It’s gratifying to be recognized as an entrepreneur and receive acknowledgement for the positive impact my business has on our community.”  

As scholarly practitioners, Wilmington University instructors understand the challenges of working full time while earning a degree. Both Cathell and Guenther credit WilmU with providing them with the credentials and foundational knowledge that helped launch and support their successful careers.  

“Wilmington University gave me real-world instruction and experience while still being flexible enough so I could continue working full time,” says Cathell.  

“My experience with WilmU elevated my career, complemented my skills as I started my own company, and most importantly, taught me the true value of objectivity,” adds Guenther.  

As Vista Millennial Superstars, Rachel Cathell and Paul Guenther are representative of all WilmU students and alumni who, with dreams, drive and determination, create the next level of business and professional accomplishment to which the future generations can aspire. 

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