2023-24 Distinguished Alumni Award Winners

The Results Are In! The Wilmington University Alumni Association announces its 2023-24 Distinguished Alumni Award winners. The Distinguished Alumni Award is the highest honor conferred by the Wilmington University Alumni Association. The award is given to distinguished alumni who lead with compassionately and positively impact their fields. The annual Wilmington University…
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DBA Alumni Move Up the Career Ladder

Dr. Derese Bikila and Dr. Christina Russell Created for managers, consultants, and educators, Wilmington University’s DBA program equips scholars to become thought leaders sought out by organizations. Just ask two recent alumni. DBA alumnus Derese Bikila is now the manager…

A Distinguished Journey to the Bench

Chief Judge Demetrica Todd-Ruiz On March 20, 2023, Demetrica Todd-Ruiz made history as the first African American Superior Court judge appointed in Salem County, New Jersey. The confirmation by the New Jersey Senate marked a milestone in her journey to the bench — one that…

Hail to a Trailblazing Chief

Capt. Wilfredo Campos Alumnus Wilfredo Campos, a native of Puerto Rico, is Wilmington’s first Latino police chief. In January, Capt. Wilfredo Campos became the first person of Hispanic descent to be named Wilmington chief of police. A significant milestone, to be sure. But something almost equally remarkable was overshadowed in the extensive media coverage that followed that announcement…
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Thank You, Dr. Ingraham

Dr. Frank Ingraham Dr. Frank Ingraham ends his distinguished service as Wilmington University Alumni President this year, having served in the role since 2018, and as an alumni board member since 2012. He holds three degrees from WilmU: a B.S. in Human Resource Management…

Alumna Serving the Delaware State Board of Education

Dr. Megan Szabo Alumna Dr. Megan Szabo was appointed to serve on the Delaware State Board of Education. Named Delaware’s 2015 State Teacher of the Year, Dr. Szabo was chosen for her experience as a science, technology, engineering, and math resource teacher, and for her leadership in professional development, according to a statement released by Gov. John Carney’s office. Dr. Szabo earned her…
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