Culturally Speaking is a short series of one to two page newsletters about educational, linguistic, and cultural topics within higher education, written by Danielle Bergez.

January 2016 From High School to University

February 2016 Class Participation

March 2016 What’s in a Name?

April 2016 Plagiarism in Essays and Research Papers: What is an Instructor to Do?

May 2016 Welcome

June 2016 Effective Communication

July 2016 The Roller Coaster of Acculturation

August 2016 Academic Culture Shock Part 1

October 2016 Academic Culture Shock Part 2

November 2016 Resources about International Students

December 2016 Studying in a Non-Native Language

January 2017 New Year, New Semester, New Block!

February 2017 Resources for Cultural Awareness

March 2017 International Students and Scholars in the U.S.

April 2017 Writing Myths