Krista F.

Meet a Wildcat Co-op: Krista F.

Krista F.Krista F. is a Communication major with a concentration in Integrated Marketing. She recently completed a co-op experience with Urban Bike Project, a local nonprofit. There, she helped with updating the organization’s website, posted news and announcements on their social media platforms, prepared brochures/business cards, and attended their events where she took photos to post on their website/social media sites. Read on to learn more about how Krista is making the most of her education here at WilmU.

What would you like to accomplish after you graduate?

I want get out of the financial field where I sit in an office all day, working 8-5. I plan to start work in my field where I can design, participate in marketing events and begin doing what I love!

Do you feel co-op has helped you get closer to attaining your goals?

Absolutely! I loved the hands-on experience, and feel even more confident that I chose the right career pathway. I feel that I gained experience with using social media platforms, building websites and writing for the public (experience that I didn’t have before this co-op experience).

What made you decide to pursue a co-op position?

I was so anxious to begin working in my field, but felt discouraged that many employers require 1-3 years experience in the field for entry level positions. When I saw Wilmington University’s emails that announce co-op positions, I jumped on the opportunity.

What has been your favorite part of your co-op experience?

My favorite part of the co-op experience was learning hands-on how to use the internet as a marketing tool, taking photos at the organization’s events to use in social media posts, and seeing the positive impact that my marketing efforts made for Urban Bike Project! It was a lot of fun!

Would you recommend the co-op program to other students?

Yes yes yes! Co-ops are a great way to give students that experience that they need to get their foot in the door.

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