Meet a Wildcat Co-op: Phillip H.

I recently asked Communication major Phillip H. some questions about his co-op experience. Phillip will be graduating this semester with a Bachelor of Science in Communication with a concentration in Integrated Marketing Communication. As a part of his degree requirements, Phillip completed a co-op experience. Through co-op, students gain relevant work experience and apply academic theory to the professional world, all while earning academic credit. Read on to learn more about the reasons Phillip took advantage of this valuable WilmU program!

Phillip Headen Headshot Describe your co-op experience: where did you work, and what did you do there?

I worked at Vantage Labs, an educational technology company in New Hope, PA. I was assigned to the Digital Sports business unit, where I worked on marketing projects for their various web-based software products. This included working with the company’s customer resource management (CRM) system, Excel spreadsheets, research and analysis, strategizing and creating marketing campaigns, as well as contributing to product design and overall direction.

What would you like to accomplish after you graduate?

I would like to work in marketing for the time being, while I continue to convert my interest of web engineering into well-honed skills, so that I can eventually work in product development.

Do you feel co-op has helped you get closer to attaining your goals?

My co-op experience was very beneficial. Not only did it give me experience with contributing real work to an organization, it also helped me understand the little things about the business world that most people entering the workforce might ignore. Things such as HR, interoffice communication, and professional etiquette, are all important factors to understand and consider. I now know what things I want and don’t want in my career, so it is easier to narrow down my future goals.

What made you decide to pursue a co-op position?

I wanted a co-op position because I know how important it is to have work experience when you are entering the job market. In many instances it can also lead to a full-time position before you graduate.

What has been your favorite part of your co-op experience?

The best part of my job was getting to make real, sustainable contributions. My impact was one that I could immediately see, and will be beneficial for a long time whether I continue to work for the company or not.

Would you recommend the co-op program to other students? Why or why not?   

I would definitely recommend that all students try and participate in the co-op experience. The experience is very rewarding, and hopefully his or her position will allow them to do meaningful tasks. It will also standout on your resume to future employers.

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