Blackboard Organizations at Wilmington University

Orgs_collageWhen you attend Wilmington University as an online student, there’s no need to feel left out of campus life. Through Blackboard, you can join a campus club or organization and participate online. Simply log on to Blackboard, and click the organizations tab at the top of the page.

From the Green Team (an environmental service group open to students, faculty and staff) to the Legal Studies Student Group and the Digital Film Making Club, you’re probably going to find an organization that suits your interests. Is your hobby, passion, or major not on the Organizations list? Student Life has a procedure for new student groups – start by filling out this New Student Organization Request for Approval Form.

club advisors and student officers
Club Advisors and Student officers at Wilmington University

The first group online students will encounter is the Online Student Organization, in which all online students are automatically enrolled when they matriculate into Wilmington University. This group is a place for online students to network in a relaxed atmosphere and participate in online activities.

You may want to watch the overview video to get a feel for how organizations work in Blackboard. Many organizations are self-enrolled – you enroll yourself in the group, whereas other groups you may find you’re automatically a member, based on your major.

View the overview of Blackboard Organizations video here.