Assignment Tips for Blackboard

Please take in some helpful tips regarding assignments and blackboard

  • Read all directions to the assignment and read carefully to meet assignment criteria
  • Some courses may only have one attempt per assignment.  If you have a problem uploading and are not able to attempt a second time, you will need to contact your instructor and ask to clear the first attempt
  • Do not submit your file as .odt or .pages file format.  Please save your document as recommended .rtf, .docx, or .doc file format to upload
  • Do not name your file with any periods in the naming convention.  It is a good idea to name your document with your last name and name of the assignment.  File names should not contain blank spaces or special characters.
  • If you have trouble submitting an assignment and the Browse my Computer buttons do not work, check to make sure you have java and JavaScript enabled on your computer.