Blackboard Tips 101

Hiding old courses in Blackboard

If you have too many courses listed on your Blackboard Welcome Page and would like to hide the old ones, here’s how you can create a custom view of the courses in your account by using the “pencil” icon.


Look for the pencil icon at the top-right corner of the My Courses list or in the Courses tab. Click the pencil to toggle the checkboxes to customize your view. If you want to display “hidden” courses again, use the pencil icon to bring them back. Make sure you uncheck the “Announcements” box, also, or those will still be there and not connected to their course.


Logging off of Blackboard

Did you know that if you just close your access to Blackboard by clicking that little “X”, that you are not logged off the system? This could have serious implications if you are on a public computer or someone else uses yours. Always click on “logout” to make you Blackboard account is protected.