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WilmU Law Students Celebrate First-Year Successes 

A group photo of students who attended Wilmington University's first Barrister Ball.

Completing the first year of law school calls for a celebration, and that accomplishment feels even sweeter for Wilmington University School of Law’s inaugural class. To mark the occasion, students organized WilmU’s first Barristers Ball, an end-of-year tradition at law schools around the country.  

“For future generations to come, I want the Barristers Ball to welcome them,” says Alynna Wilson, a correctional counselor and JD candidate. “I want the next generation to participate, and I want them to know law school can be fun.” 

She co-chaired WilmU’s Barristers Ball this spring with fellow law student Hannah Goldston

“It felt like a family gathering,” Goldston says. “It was a nice time to relax and dress up.” 

Although they’d never planned an event like this before, it went off without a hitch thanks to their hard work and help from Professor Nicole Mozee — Wilmington University’s Student Bar Association advisor and a Delaware Top Lawyer for civil rights — and Taylor Warrington-Purcell, a WilmU graduate and the School of Law’s administrative coordinator. 

“I was very, very proud of the dedication of the co-chairs, Hannah and Alynna,” says Professor Mozee, who describes the Barristers Ball as an opportunity for students to “take a moment and decompress from the rigor of law school and just enjoy themselves.” 

WilmU green was the color of the evening. Held on campus, the party included dinner, dancing and plenty of laughs. 

“Everyone was very grateful for it,” says Professor Mozee, herself included.  

Enjoy photos from the evening’s festivities. 


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