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A Student Pens the Adventures of Lia-Ria

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Jodi Fiore

Wilmington University graduate student Jodi Fiore will complete her master’s in School Counseling in December. In addition to managing her full-time teaching career and finishing up her coursework, Fiore is also celebrating the fourth book of her “Lia-Ria and the Old Timers” series. Her books, which she also illustrated, are designed to offer relatable explanations of sensitive issues to young children.

Her passion for teaching young children inspired what was once a hobby and is now a budding career. “My stories are geared for children in grades PK–3,” Fiore says, adding that “they are not meant to be read independently by children, but for a child to be read to by an adult they love at home or in the comfort of their own classroom. Each one of my stories has come intonfruition based on my personal experiences.”

As a kindergarten teacher, Fiore knows that young children can become frightened, concerned, and confused when difficult situations arise. “I attempt to put their minds at ease and address any questions they may have through my stories,” she says.

An experienced educator, Fiore, who lives in New Jersey, credits WilmU for offering pragmatic curricula that serve her well academically and editorially.

“The lessons I have learned through my coursework and communications with all of my professors have definitely helped with the creation of my latest book, ‘Lia-Ria and the Old Timers,​’” she says. “The story is very special to me because I collaborated with my cousin, Nancy. Nancy and her husband, Mike, who has Alzheimer’s, have invited me to follow their journey as they navigate their way through Alzheimer’s disease together.”

—Maria Hess

Fiore’s books are available on her website,

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