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Yearlong Teaching Residents Go to the Front of the Class

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Delaware’s new law supporting Yearlong Teacher Residency Programs allows yearlong teacher interns across the state to receive a stipend of up to $25,000 for their work in partner school districts.

Wilmington University’s year-long residency option, an immersive, 200-plus-day alternative to the traditional 80-day student-teaching program, enables College of Education students to spend an entire school year working alongside mentor teachers in high-need partner schools.

It’s an experience that gives graduates a decided edge in the job market. WilmU’s YLR Program currently has a 100% hire rate. All students were offered positions in either the school or district where their residency took place. Because of their enhanced clinical experience, YLR Program graduates are regarded as highly qualified second-year teachers, which means they are able to handle more challenging academic environments.

In addition to WilmU, the collaborative’s participants include the Red Clay and Colonial school districts, Delaware State University, the University of Delaware, Philadelphia’s Relay Graduate School of Education, and officials from the Delaware Department of Education.

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