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Gaming Students Create Virtual Woodshop

Two girls hold up VR sets near their computers at a work desk

Students in WilmU’s Game Design and Development bachelor’s degree program have completed a virtual walk-through demo that recreates a woodshop at Concord High School in North Wilmington, from the entrance and the workbenches on down to the brooms and dustpans.

Jordan Estock, who teaches Design and Engineering in the high school’s real-life workshop, says he was especially impressed that the demo accurately replicated the awkwardness of the workspace.

“I love how they captured the layout and even threw in some small details to help the user know where they are in the shop, with things like the wood tables, dustpans, brooms, and cabinets,” he says. “(WilmU) students have done some great work here.”

The students completed the project for their Game Development II course, GMD 405. The class aims to provide experiential learning opportunities that apply gaming, virtualization, and simulation skills toward real-world projects for organizations that partner with Wilmington University. Estock, who earned his MEd in School Leadership from WilmU and studied toward an EdD in Educational Leadership, was previously familiar with WilmU’s innovative approach to education.

The gaming students also plan to create a downloadable safety demo for the woodshop.

Learn more about the BS in Game Design and Development degree here.

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