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Partners Inside and Outside the Classroom

Like many alums, Jon Eagle derived great inspiration from his professors. One of them, Craig Lytle, actually became his business partner.

“I first met Craig in a class entitled Organizational Behavior roughly four years ago,” says Eagle. “After a great class together, we entered into a co-op internship shortly thereafter, where I was exposed to the insurance industry for the first time. Fast forward four years give or take, six professional licenses, three industry certificates, and at least one certification, I have now opened my own insurance agency with Craig that is set to be fully operational by the end of the year.”

According to an article  Eagle wrote for Linked-In, he founded Income & Estate Planning Partners with Lytle, referring to him as his mentor, friend, and employer. “We worked to independently sell life and health insurance together for years, but the idea of adding property and casualty to the company’s value proposition was something that interested both of us,” Eagle wrote.

After some time had passed, Lytle asked Eagle if he had heard of the Goose-head Insurance Agency, which Eagle describes as a disrupter in the insurance space that makes it easier for clients to purchase the correct, reasonably-priced coverage. As a broker, Goosehead allows customers to work with one agent for the long term.

Eagle knew about Goosehead. “Ironically, I happened to have a job offer from them at the time, and I said, ‘Of course,’” he says. “That day of synchronicity began our journey to where we are now: Fully equipped with proprietary rating technology and access to 25+ insurance carriers to serve the needs of our clients.”

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