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Workshop Shows How to Assess Your Career at Any Age

Dr. Brenda Soto

Brenda Soto, an adjunct instructor in Wilmington University’s College of Business and an expert in human resources, presented a virtual workshop on how people in the workforce can evaluate their careers and develop a professional life they are passionate about.

“Many students at Wilmington University already are working. We have students who want to advance their careers, as well as those who want to switch concentrations so they can make a change in their careers,” she says.

Soto, an executive board member of the Delaware Hispanic Commission, made two versions of the hour-long workshop, one in English and one in Spanish. In addition to its audience of WilmU students, “How to Assess Your Career at Any Age” also attracted international viewers from as far afield as Chile and Trinidad and Tobago.

Having founded Brenda Soto Associates, a human performance improvement consulting firm, after many years in the corporate world, Soto empathizes with working students who are intent on making transitions to advance their careers.

“Sometimes it’s because you want to make a change and sometimes it’s out of your control. Your organization shuts down. Or there’s a pandemic,” she says. “Either way, it’s an opportunity to reinvent yourself.”

Based on the positive response to her February workshop, Soto says, she is developing a series of monthly workshops scheduled to begin later this spring.

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