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Wilmington University Leads Delaware Team in National Study of Teacher Certification Requirements

Delaware will join a national consortium to study how teacher certification and licensure requirements can better attract teacher candidates. Wilmington University has been designated to lead the Delaware team, with Dr. Michele Brewer, Chair of the Office of Technology, Assessment, and Compliance in the University’s College of Education as the state team’s chairperson.

“Everyone involved in the Consortium for Research-Based and Equitable Assessments (CREA) project will benefit from cross-collaboration and shared learning to potentially enhance the policies and practices within their respective states,” says Dr. Brewer. “Under the leadership of the dean, Dr. John Gray, the Wilmington University College of Education has historically held a growing concern that current program admission and exit requirements may disproportionally bar teacher-candidates of color. The Consortium is an ideal opportunity to investigate this issue, learn from other states, and perhaps guide changes to code and regulations to create a more diverse teacher workforce that is more representative of the student population.”


Courtesy of the AACTE

The Delaware Department of Education (DDOE), in partnership with Delaware’s public and private institutions of higher education, several school districts and independent charter schools, recently announced the acceptance of its application to join the Consortium created by the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE).

The Consortium is comprised of 15 member states. Created with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the research study will evaluate the processes and requirements states use for entrance into educator preparation programs, and determine what refinements are needed to attract more potential teacher candidates nationally.

The Delaware team will include representatives from each state university and college, several school districts and charter schools who have expertise and/or influence in establishing cut scores for teacher certification and licensure from the DDOE, school districts and charter schools. Consortium members will serve through February 2022 and will meet at least quarterly during the 2021-2022 project year.

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