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Keep Your Higher Education Plans On Track Through Online Learning

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You can achieve your academic goals with Wilmington University, the local leader in online learning.

If you’ve set a goal to start college, complete your degree, or upgrade your skills in the coming year, online courses are likely on your agenda. If you’d like to make the most of your online learning experience, Wilmington University can help. Here are five reasons why WilmU works for online education.

1. Over a decade of experience. Every day a new student enrolls in online courses for the very first time, but WilmU has been offering remote learning since 2007. More than 15,000 students worldwide currently participate in the University’s award-winning online degree and certificate programs. “WilmU’s early commitment to online learning really helped position the University for where we are today, with an extensive array of fully online programs for students,” says Dr. Matthew Davis, senior director of online learning and educational technology in WilmU’s College of Online and Experiential Learning. “This was particularly important when we shifted to all-digital learning last year due to the pandemic, as we were able to continue to offer our programs to all students in a seamless manner.”

2. Up-to-date technology. Powerful online learning technologies, including the Canvas learning management system, Zoom videoconferencing, and the Kaltura video sharing platform, make it easy to connect with instructors, participate in class discussions, post assignments, and collaborate with classmates. Training videos, tutorials, and one-on-one technical support, available seven days a week, make it reliable.

3. Academic strength. WilmU hosts more than 130 degree and certificate programs 100% online. Each one provides the same practical, career-focused education found in face-to-face courses. And each is taught by real-world-experienced instructors who’ve been trained to meet rigorous online teaching standards. “Regardless of format, WilmU instructors blend modern industry expertise with a passion for teaching to deliver relevant learning experiences to students,” notes Davis. “More than 2,000 WilmU faculty have completed our Hybrid and Online Teaching Training Course, so our instructors are well-equipped to teach in both online and in-person environments.”

4. Student support, wherever you’re studying. Online students have comprehensive access to all of WilmU’s support services, including academic advising and course registration, tutoring and library resources, and even extracurricular opportunities to network with other online students and get involved with the University community. A team of online navigators provides additional personalized guidance for the remote learning experience.

5. Affordability. WilmU is the #1 most affordable private, nonprofit university in the region. All students, whether in-state or out-of-state, are charged the same low tuition rates. No matter where you’re connecting from, WilmU offers accessible, accredited higher education at a price that makes sense.

Getting Started Is Quick and Convenient

WilmU’s open admissions policy allows enrollment in most academic programs without the need to submit standardized testing scores. Classes start every eight weeks, and Admissions Specialists are available to answer your questions and guide you through the application process.

So why wait? Achieve your educational goals wherever you are, on your schedule, with online learning from Wilmington University. For more information about how WilmU works for you, visit

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