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Lynn Moore of the College of Arts and Sciences at Wilmington University, is Vice President of Historic Georgetown Association.

Preserving history requires the stewardship of responsible and dedicated people. Lynn Moore, chair of Wilmington University’s History department in the College of Arts and Sciences, takes this to heart, as evidenced by his involvement in restoration efforts in his hometown of Georgetown, Delaware.

Moore is a self-described jack-of-all-trades. In addition to his WilmU responsibilities, he was a high school basketball referee for 19 years and is now an assistant high school boys’ basketball coach. He is the founder and board member of Delmarva Christian Schools and was recently named vice president of the Historic Georgetown Association (HGA), founded by his uncle Carlton Moore in 1996. Carlton also founded the Indian River Land Co. in 1969. 

The HGA has restored numerous buildings, including the Georgetown train station. After the Civil War in the late 1860s, the station was the transportation hub for Georgetown and southern Delaware until cars replaced trains. Once it closed, it fell into disrepair after years as office space and a gym. The HGA bought the station from a private owner, then rebuilt its second story in 2003. Later, its exterior was restored using the original bricks. Today, the station hosts local events like Return Day, a Delaware tradition dating back to 1792.

A large model train station takes up nearly a full room, and it’s a nice perk when holiday season rolls around, says Moore. “We host dozens of families at Christmas who always seem more interested in the model train than Santa.”

In 2006, Moore helped restore the original Georgetown firehouse (circa 1904), which had become a grain and feed store. It was transported via flatbed truck to an empty lot across from the train station. It’s home to beloved “Lil Toot,” a small train modified from a riding mower. Moore says that the children in the area know Lil Toot well.

Moore believes his work with the HGA is his way of serving his community while keeping history alive.

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