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WilmU’s New Interdisciplinary Care Management Certificate: Teamwork for Treatment

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WilmU’s new Interdisciplinary Care Management certificate helps bridge the gap between patient care and community.

The changing needs of patients, coupled with the increased availability of treatment and preventive care options, call for communication and cooperation across a wide range of healthcare providers and healthcare settings. They call for the role of a care manager.

Wilmington University’s new Interdisciplinary Care Management certificate program, developed in collaboration with ChristianaCare, Delaware’s largest health system, aims to train healthcare workers to the task and teamwork of coordinating effective care for acute and chronic care, disabled, and end-of-life patients.

“As patients transition between care settings and the community, the care manager provides the necessary expertise and skill to optimize those transitions and address the patients’ needs,” says Patricia Resnik, vice president of care management at ChristianaCare. “The skills and expertise of the care manager also help to ensure that providers’ care plans are fully executed.”

The six-course, 18-credit undergraduate certificate, available 100% online, focuses on healthcare information technologies, ethical and legal issues, and quality measures and reimbursement processes. Elective course choices include examinations into the psychology of patients, aging, and end-of-life care.

“We recognized that care management was a growing healthcare need,” says Dr. Angela Herman, chair of the Health Sciences program in WilmU’s College of Health Professions, “and wanted to provide the training and skills necessary to practice in this area.”

The certificate serves as a pathway into care management for registered nurses as well as both licensed and non-licensed healthcare professionals, including medical assistants, respiratory therapists, social workers, and other allied health practitioners.

“Those who complete this certificate,” she added, “will have an exceptional opportunity to gain an advanced understanding of this role and its value to patients.”

The certificate’s coursework will help prepare its students for the exams and other requirements necessary for certification with the Case Management Society of America and/or the American Case Management Association.

Additionally, thanks to WilmU’s Dual-Credit Certificates initiative, the credit-hours that students earn through the Interdisciplinary Care Management certificate also count toward our Bachelor of Science degrees in Nursing or Health Sciences.

For more information about WilmU’s Interdisciplinary Care Management certificate, or to apply for enrollment in the program, please visit

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