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Two-way Text Program Growing

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WilmU’s online navigators launched the 2020 two-way text program to new online students in the summer block, following the inaugural launch to first-time online students in spring 2020, block II.

This innovation was completed in partnership with the Admissions Department to engage students by text once they enroll in courses.

It’s been a great success. In just two months, more than 2,300 incoming texts from students were received and responded to by Wilmington University. The plan is for the online navigators to continue to launch programs each term to new online students and then ramp up to connect with all WilmU online students by text.

The numbers show the program is resonating with students. In the Spring 2020 Text plan, texts were sent to 1,744 first-time online students, with 1,763 incoming messages received from students. In the Summer 2020 Text plan, texts were sent to 762 first-time online students on April 28, with 241 incoming messages received in just 24 hours.

The group will grow as new online students are added when they register.

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