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A Magical Meeting with Disney Graphic Design Students

Disney students

A get-together in Florida was a magical experience for a Wilmington University professor and Disney employees who are studying online at WilmU.

Susan L. Gregg, chair of Digital Media, Graphic Design, Photography, and Web Design, was in Orlando in September for a conference for Epsilon Pi Tau, the leading international honor society for technology, where she serves on the board.

“I couldn’t go to Florida without checking in on my Disney students,” she said.

Gregg contacted all 59 Graphic Design Certificate students at Disney’s Florida location, inviting them to get together at a restaurant for hors d’oeuvres and to answer any questions they might have. She met with an enthusiastic group of nine students, most of whom had not yet met one another.

Disney students

“There was so much energy and they were so appreciative to meet someone from Wilmington University,” Gregg said. “These students are incredibly dedicated.”

It was a diverse and interesting group, including a student in her 60s who had never been to college before, a student with a BA in Scenic Design and Theatre whose goal is a master’s degree in Literature, and a student whose mother is a WilmU graduate. Marcos Pascotto, a student from Brazil, shared children’s books he illustrated.

Marcos Pascotto, a student from Brazil, holds up children’s books he illustrated called about Camilla the gentle giant gorilla.

“At the end, everyone was hugging and exchanging phone numbers,” Gregg recalled. “It was an amazing gathering.”

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