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Something New Every Day

For Yuliya Davidzenka, learning keeps the mind sharp.

From left: Dr. Sallie Reissman, Yuliya Davidzenka, Sandy Bennett

The only Wilmington University graduate in Las Vegas returned to the classroom last summer — virtually, this time — to start work on her Master of Science in Homeland Security.

“I always try to learn new things, something new every day,” says Davidzenka, who earned a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice in 2015. “Constantly evolving, learning new things or subjects, and always perfecting yourself helps to keep your mind sharp. Homeland security seems like a constant concern in our modern world, and I wanted to have more than a ‘couch knowledge’ of the subject.”

An associate attorney at the law firm of Alverson, Taylor & Sanders, Davidzenka handles civil litigation cases, such as defending professional negligence and medical malpractice clients. She compares it to studying for a living.

“The self-discipline required to succeed in online classes at Wilmington University is an essential element of success in any career, including being an attorney,” she says.

Davidzenka attended WilmU in Georgetown after earning associate degrees in Biological Science and Criminal Justice at Delaware Technical Community College there, balso picked up courses at the Dover, Dover Air Force Base, and New Castle sites.

In December 2017, she graduated from the Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, and is licensed to practice law in Nevada. In February of this year, she took the Arizona bar exam, and is anticipating completion of her Homeland Security master’s in the spring semester of 2020.

   ­—David Bernard

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