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Video games Helped Him Through Illness—and Now He’s Designing Them

A pile of video game electronics

Tyler Bendel was only 16 years old and facing the greatest challenge of his young life.

“I was going through Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer,” he recalls. “I did not have many friends, I could not go out anywhere, and I was left to lay in bed for what seemed to be an eternity.”

To get through the day, he played video games.

“I realized I wanted to be a game designer, to give someone a way to escape their problems and enjoy their lives,” he says.

After he got well, he began looking for a school where he could make his dream come true. He found it at Wilmington University, which offered him sound academics and hands-on experience.

“I saw how great the program was and how amazing its teachers were, how each of them are willing to go above and beyond for every one of their students,” he says. “I quickly realized within the first week of being at Wilmington University that I belonged here.”

Bendel is a gifted student with a bright future, who generously shares his talent and enthusiasm with others, says Scott Shaw, Chair, Game Design and Development and Video and Motion Graphics at the College of Technology.

“Tyler is a natural leader, who is passionate about his craft, cares about his fellow students and would be an excellent asset to any team,” Shaw says. “He’s great to be around, fun, and energetic.”

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