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Taking it to The Keys

underwater coral colony

Shallow water colony of the great star coral, Montastraea cavernosa, in 15 feet of water. Photo by John Reed courtesy of NOAA.

Dr. Milton Muldrow to participate in Florida Keys study.

The  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has asked Wilmington University Assistant Professor Dr. Milton Muldrow to participate in a continuing study of the Florida Keys coral reef ecosystem.

The request comes as a result of Dr. Muldrow’s doctoral dissertation, Assessing Reef Experts’ Baseline and Values Regarding the Florida Keys Ecosystem: Implications for Historical Ecological Knowledge of the Region.

Completed last December, his study establishes a consensus baseline for the Florida Reef, something that had not been done previously.

Dr. Muldrow will be included in the NOAA’s “bethnic” (sea floor) calls along with other top scientists in the field as they look to establish baselines for the largest barrier reef ecosystem in the United States.

A native of Baltimore, Dr. Muldrow joined WilmU’s College of Arts and Sciences last September. He started and is chair of the University’s four-year Environmental Science and Policy Program. WU

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