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A New Dean: Dr. Sallie Reissman

Dr. Sallie Reissman lives by the Robert Ingersoll quote: “We rise by lifting others.” Her work ethic as well as her growing department is evidence of it. 

college of online learning staff and faculty

The COEL Team: In back: Stephen Scheib, Christian Broderick, Kelly Clayton, Emily Henig, Adam Voyton. In front: Lauren Haas, Dr. Sallie Reissman (AVP & Dean), Russ Lichterman, Megan Erickson. (Not pictured: Dr. Matthew Davis, Dr. David Caffo, Lindsay Rice, Stephen Buchanan, Mary Beth Youse, Shannon Netta, Vin Favoroso, Christina Asroff, Drew Cline, Alla Powell, Lauren Havens, Tracy Harder)


She was recently named WilmU’s Assistant Vice President and Dean of the College of Online and Experiential Learning (COEL), and has worked her way toward that title since coming to WilmU as a student in 1991.

Dr. Reissman is widely respected as an innovator. As a part-timer at WilmU, she started its summer camp. That was more than 25 years ago. She left a career as a third-grade teacher in the Brandywine School District to join WilmU in 2000 as its first instructional technologist. She was later named senior director of Online Learning and Educational Technology.

She has focused mainly on educational technology, bringing in multimedia services for instructors and assisting in hybrid learning. She also spearheaded TEDxWilmingtonUniversity in 2014.

“WilmU was the first place I was given autonomy to work on projects that truly inspired me while making a difference in our students’ lives,” says Dr. Reissman, crediting former President Dr. Audrey Doberstein for her support and leadership.

Multimedia Manager Russ Lichterman says that Dr. Reissman “leads by example,” crediting her for having the foresight to grow WilmU’s online learning department.

Dr. Reissman plans to keep up the momentum. Within one year as dean, she and her team have already created an e-learning certificate and have plans to expand the college’s offerings.

“Professional Studies is a growing field and we see ways to fit the needs of those in the workplace and emerging fields,” she says. The new e-learning certificate provides skills that students can apply to medical training, corporate education, and more.

“I’ve been successful because the leadership has allowed creativity,” says Dr. Reissman, who earned the University’s 2016 Betty Caffo Award for Leadership and Innovation. “I want to lift my team to do the same.” WU

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