The Online Student Association: A Community for Online Students

The Online Student Association (OAS) is a hub for online students to engage with their peers and learn more about the Wilmington University community.

A student sits at a desktop computer.It’s also a place to engage with navigators who can answer questions about online courses, connect with online tutors, and participate in monthly conversations about WilmU events and activities. Students with exceptional achievements are recognized through the Online Student of the Block awards. “What’s Your Story” is a fun way for students to share what’s going on their lives and connect with others.

Introduced several years ago, the OSA currently has about 9,500 students, said Dr. Matthew Davis, senior director of Online Learning.

“When we moved to Canvas, it exploded,” Dr. Davis said. “It’s a great program that helps online students build an affinity with the school.”

In October, a feature for students to request an online student ID was rolled out; by mid-November, more than 500 IDs were requested.

The recently added Disney Aspire Group is a Custom Group for 956 students who can engage with one another through the OSA.

“We are always looking for ways to help students engage,” he said.

“I know if I have questions about my program I can turn to my peers in the group,” said a student from Clermont, Florida.

More custom groups are in the works.