New Course Offers Scientific Field Experience in Testing Water Quality

The environmental science and policy program debuted a new course in the Fall 2018 semester, Research in Environmental Science.

This course is taken by Environmental Science and Policy majors.

Students are conducting publishable work on Brandywine Creek water quality, testing for endocrine disruptors as well as other general characteristics of water quality.

The students are using the science department’s own water quality tools, and have used Gas Chromatography in an off-campus lab.

Dr. Esosa Iriowen has lead the charge on this course, and has big plans for it for the future.  The research is currently operating under a research permit from Brandywine State Park, and it is Iriowen’s hope that work there will add to the body of knowledge informing the health of Brandywine Creek.

One student noted of the course: “Dr. Muldrow, Thank you for offering this class! Learning is so much easier when you are actually doing the work, instead of watching others do it on a video or reading about it. It is very refreshing to have the opportunity to get out of the classroom and gain hands-on experience.”
Students can immediately incorporate experiences from this course on their resumes to enhance job prospects.