Drama Adjunct Presents Elizabethan Garment Workshop

Rob Tietze, an adjunct instructor of Humanities and Drama for WilmU’s College of Arts and Sciences, presented Magic Garments: Clothing Shakespeare’s Characters, a workshop that was a part of the 4th Annual Shakespeare Festival at the Lewes Library.

Shakespeare Festival logo with drawing of William Shakespeare

The presentation explored the fashion styles, materials and manufacture of clothing during the Elizabethan Age, with particular focus on Shakespeare’s use of clothing and fashion in narrative structure and as social commentary.

Participants investigated the role that clothing played in helping actors transform into the Bard’s unique, unforgettable characters.​

Actual Elizabethan garb on loan from the Folger Shakespeare Library provided the backdrop for Tietze’s interactive workshop, which was part of the Lewes Library’s September weeklong celebration of the life, times, and works of the Bard.