Project Management Challenge

Project Management Challenge

Description: Similar to the hit reality competition show, “Shark Tank,” you will present an attention-grabbing project management plan in one of two rounds to a panel of judges as well as the audience. You will need to come up with an effective plan to solve or improve an ongoing issue. When it is time to […]

Photoshop Fight Night

Description: Go head-to-head in this intense competition, which encompasses 3 rounds, each with a different design objective in which you will have 30 minutes to design a print or digital piece. Judging will be based on how well you execute your idea, how you implement the given theme to the design, the overall look and impression […]

Best Game Pitch

Description: This is your chance to pitch your gaming idea to the world. You will have 45 minutes to organize and develop a game pitch that you believe could be successful one day. The basis of your pitch will be a given gaming concept or theme which you must incorporate into your potential game. You […]

Game Jam

Description: Do you have what it takes to turn an idea into a real-working game? During this 3-day game jam, you will collaborate with your team members on implementing a given theme into a digital, full-length game. Games are judged by playability, completeness, and mechanics. All completed games will be displayed for viewers to play […]

Best 3D Project

Description: You will have 5 hours to design, sculpt, model, and texturize using the Maya 3D animation software. Projects are given a theme the day of the event. Participants may bring their own workstations, laptops, and software of their choosing. Judging will be based on texturing and modeling techniques, lighting style, mapping, and the overall […]

Best Motion Graphics or Animation

Description:  Contestants will have a few hours to develop a 10-second animated frame-by-frame or computer-assisted film or video. You will be implementing a given theme into your animation. Judging will be based on content, creativity, technical quality, depiction and overall impact. Team or Individual: Individual Estimated Time Length of Competition: 3-5 hours Rules: Entrants must […]

Film Race

Description: Lights, Camera, ACTION!! During this 3-day film race, you will produce, shoot, edit, and screen a short film. The genre, scenes, characters, and a line of dialogue will be assigned to you at the start of the race. Contestants are also responsible for developing dialogue while incorporating the line they are given. The duration of […]

Capture the Flag

Description: Get ready to hack into the world of network security. Protect against your enemy, the Red Team, a team of expert hackers who will try to hack into your network system. Contestants will use their techniques to protect against intruders. Defend yourself against information modification, misuse, network-access security issues, and restrict unauthorized access. Team […]

Best Built Website

Description:  Develop a fully functioning website that is HTML5-friendly with all electronic devices within just a few hours. Your website will be based on a theme that will be presented to you at the beginning of the event. Judgment will be based on functionality, use of design elements, content, desirability, accessibility, and deliverability. Team or […]

Best Photo Journalism

Description: Develop an exciting and attention grasping piece of news, complete with its own series of images and journalism-style dialogue that narrates the piece. Your captured images will be based on a given theme, that at which you must seek a story. Judging will be based on the newsworthiness of your story and content. Team or […]

Best Photo

Description: A picture is worth a thousand words. Do you have what it takes to take a single shot that captures a lot? You will be given a theme, which will be the basis of your photograph. Your photograph must tell a story without the use of any words. Judgment is based on aesthetics and […]

Best Design Piece

Description:  Design plays a major role in any print or digital piece and leaves an impression on your viewers which can either influence them to either support or oppose your product. Design a logo or any printable piece of your choice, which follows your given theme. Judging will be based on visual impact, typography use, […]

Best Demo Reel

Description:  Whether you’re a pro, a semi pro, a pro-am or amateur filmmaker, creating a demo reel is an impressive and professional way of showcasing your talents, so that your potential clients can get a taste of your style of work. Show us your capabilities in a 1-4 minute demo reel and submit it before the […]