Photoshop Fight Night

Description: Go head-to-head in this intense competition, which encompasses 3 rounds, each with a different design objective in which you will have 30 minutes to design a print or digital piece. Judging will be based on how well you execute your idea, how you implement the given theme to the design, the overall look and impression your design has on the judges, as well as the creative approach you took while designing it. The qualifiers of each round will battle head-to-head. The top two qualifiers from the last round will complete for the final win.

Team or Individual: Individual

Estimated Time Length of Competition: 3 – 5 hrs.

Rules: Rules will be given at the time of the event, however, we do not allow Brushes, Actions, and additional plug-ins during some of the rounds. However, during certain rounds, we may specify the use of software outside of Photoshop for creating some of the elements.

Format: Judging occurs after each round. Judges include: Joe Castro (, Bryan Louie (, and K3N ( Please check out their work!!


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