Game Jam

Description: Do you have what it takes to turn an idea into a real-working game? During this 3-day game jam, you will collaborate with your team members on implementing a given theme into a digital, full-length game. Games are judged by playability, completeness, and mechanics. All completed games will be displayed for viewers to play during the week after competitions.

Team or Individual: Team (3 to 5 members)

Estimated Time Length of Competition: 3 days

Rules: The theme of the game will be assigned Friday evening. Pre-made assets may only be used by entrants who own, or are subscribed to properly licensed versions. They cannot carry more than 15% of the “weight” of the game.

Format: Both Mac and PC versions of the game, or a web-based version of the game that runs on all platforms. Mobile platforms may run on any of the platforms, but are not required to run across all of them. Contestants may need to provide a device for testing.


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