Film Race

Description: Lights, Camera, ACTION!! During this 3-day film race, you will produce, shoot, edit, and screen a short film. The genre, scenes, characters, and a line of dialogue will be assigned to you at the start of the race. Contestants are also responsible for developing dialogue while incorporating the line they are given. The duration of the film should be between 3-5 minutes and. Your film will be judged on elements, technical quality (lighting and sound), and how engaging your film is.

Team or Individual: Team (must have at least 3 team members)

Estimated Time Length of Competition: 3-day competition

Rules: Must use FinalCut Pro. Final version should be delivered at noon on Sunday.

Format: DVD (Mpeg-2) on a burned DVD for set top playback, if your film does not play properly, it will be disqualified.

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