Best Game Pitch

Description: This is your chance to pitch your gaming idea to the world. You will have 45 minutes to organize and develop a game pitch that you believe could be successful one day. The basis of your pitch will be a given gaming concept or theme which you must incorporate into your potential game. You will be given 10 minutes to sell your idea to our panel of judges through a presentation. The presentation can include concept art, story lines, character bios, and other supporting work. Judging will be based on game mechanics, the uniqueness of implantation, and completeness of thought pattern.

Team or Individual: Either

Estimated Time Length of Competition: 3 – 5 hrs.

Rules: The presentation must be done during the time of the event. Judges include a member from Schell Games and other local area companies.

Format: PowerPoint, video, or other presentation format of your choice. Auto-advancing with a time limit of five minutes.

Prizes: TBD

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