Adjunct Faculty Bios

Wilmington University’s College of Technology is proud to offer a broad range of instructors from many industry backgrounds. Their combined real-world experience gives the College of Technology a depth and diversity that prepares our graduates for a wide range of potential career paths.

Adjunct Faculty Bios

Eric Arnoth

Robert Bell

Michael Blair

Richard Borelli

Bryan Cardillo

Tim Carrington

Dan Caton

Chris Chandler

Jamente Cooper

Gabriel Doncel

Jim Garrity

Steve Gomolski

Brian Gordaychik

Donald Hess

Dr. Dwayne Hodges

Nora Hufe

Maritza Lagares

Joshua Marpet

Peggy Sue Mitchell

Bob Montejo

Paul Pond

Ryan Rathbun

Jay Rostaing

Jonathan V. Schlegel

Deval Shah

Christopher Shanahan

Richard Spotts

David H. Sten

Fred Stinchcombe

George Truit

James White

Edward Wiley

Kevin Wright