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5th Annual BSides – November 14-15, 2014!

Wilmington University Hosts 5th Annual BSides Delaware Information and Computer Security Conference

Two-day conference at WilmU’s New Castle campus brings the latest developments to Delaware’s information security community.

The fifth annual BSides Delaware information security conference, a free conference for cyber security professionals, will be held at the Doberstein Admissions Center on Wilmington University’s New Castle campus from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Friday, November 14, through Saturday, November 15.

To register for this challenging high tech conference, go to:

Wilmington University’s Student and Alumni Group was instrumental in bringing the conference to the state. Former student Janice Paulson attended a BSides conference in Las Vegas and decided to create the same opportunity on the East Coast in Delaware. Today, the real movers of BSides Security Delaware are Janice Paulson and adjunct instructors Joshua Marpet and Eric Arnoth.

“BSides is a community-driven network that allows information security professionals to meet, share information and discuss security issues,” said Dr. Mark Hufe, associate professor and Director of Cyber Security Education at Wilmington University.”While the conference is open to anyone with an interest in cyber security, it has become an excellent opportunity for the University‚Äôs Computer & Network Security program students to network with practitioners and learn more about the field.”

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