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Blackboard 9.1 Known Issues

At the start of the summer semester of 2011, we upgraded the Blackboard system to version 9.1. Below is a list of currently known issues relevant to students. Click here if you would like to see the complete list.



Resolution/ Workaround

Browser Compatibility Issues with Internet Explorer 8 and Blackboard Using Internet Explorer 8 with Blackboard will cause problems for students attempting to submit tests or use the file upload feature. To avoid these issues it is suggested to use Mozilla Firefox http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/ie.html or change to the “compatibility mode” in IE8 (Tools > compatibility mode” in IE8 (Tools > Compatibility View Settings > Check ‘Display all websites in Compatibility View’ > Close. You will need to close IE8 and reopen the browser before the change takes effect.)
Copy and Paste Copy and pasting text from Word to a Bb text editor or discussion post causes formatting problems in Blackboard. Blackboard offers a Paste from Word Mash Up Tool. Click this link for the video tutorial.
Digital Dropbox Removed from version 9 Faculty should use assignment manager for file uploads.
External links – now called URL URL link may not open for students in IE. Please use the Option, “Open in New Window”
Grade Center System errors occur when trying to access submitted assignments Some columns defaulted back to NO CATEGORY. Once the category is changed to assignment, etc., the submitted assignments are accessible.
Grade Center Can’t view column information Quick Column Information – can access in Internet Explorer but not Firefox.
Grade Center System error occurs when trying to access certain areas of Grade Center Change the ordering of one column temporarily to force a re-organization of Grade Center. Sometimes this will resolve an issue causing a system error.
Homepage Removed from version 9 Faculty can encourage the use of a blog , if an avatar is added under personal information then a photo is shared in blog.
Tools – Course Menu Tool not available in course menu The “tools” area was removed after upgrade (was in lower box below course menu in version 8). Faculty can make a Tools menu item for courses prior to SU 2011. All current and future courses will have the tools area as a default option in the snapshot course.
YouTube Mashup tool If you choose to pick the Embed Video player option, Firefox will not display video properly Keep the default “thumbnail view” for the YouTube player option.