Scholarship Saved, Dream Realized

For the past 20-plus years, Tiff McCullough Jr., ninth grade principal at Dover (Delaware) High School, has been living his dream — being a teacher.

Tiff McCullough played basketball on scholarship in the early 1990’s.

While his two degrees from Wilmington University were essential in achieving that dream, he got some help along the way from University President Dr. LaVerne T. Harmon.

In 1994, when he was in his second year at WilmU and Dr. Harmon was dean of Student Affairs, McCullough was in danger of losing his basketball scholarship because a newly hired coach wanted to go with his own players. McCullough asked for Dr. Harmon’s assistance, and as she had done for any student who faced financial or other hardships, she stepped in to help.

“Because of her efforts I was able to complete my bachelor’s degree in Human Resources and graduate in three years,” says McCullough. “Without her assistance, I probably would have had to drop out of school and postpone graduating early. She saved me big time and I am so thankful for Dr. Harmon.”

McCullough went on to complete his teaching certification in Business Education at Delaware State University, then returned to WilmU to earn a master’s in School Leadership in 2006.

“I left WilmU totally prepared,” he says. As proof, he adds: “The first interview I had was for the position I have now.” WU