Poppiti Pens Proem

ciro--photo-by-Paul-PattonCollege of Arts and Sciences adjunct instructor and attorney Ciro Poppiti, III, has penned the introduction for “Voices from Dorothea’s House: Celebrating the Culture of Italy,” a book by Princeton University Professor Pietro Frassica.

Poppiti, who also is New Castle County’s Register of Wills, founding chairman of The Delaware Commission on Italian Heritage and Culture, and chair of the Delaware All-State Theatre board, studied under Frassica for two years when he was an undergraduate student
at Princeton.
“While there — through Pietro and so many other wonderful professors — I developed a keen interest in understanding America through the immigrant experience,” Poppiti says, “and most especially the Italian-American immigrant experience.”

What really fueled Poppiti’s interest was the fact that his dorm was about 10 blocks away from Dorothea’s House, a settlement house for Italian immigrants who were headed for Princeton at the turn of the century. Italian stonemasons were responsible for Princeton’s iconic architecture, says Poppiti, adding that “today, not coincidentally, I teach a course at WilmU about the Italian immigrant experience. So, for example, we study World War II and how Italian-Americans dealt with simultaneously being labeled the ‘enemy,’ meanwhile sending more boys to fight for the U.S. than any other ethnicity. We also compare the Italian-American experience with ‘Middle East’ Americans after Sept. 11, 2001.” WU

“Voices from Dorothea’s House: Celebrating the Culture of Italy” is available on Amazon.