WilmU Gives Entrepreneur a Healthy Start

Kat Eckles and her husband Landon are successful entrepreneurs, founders of Clean Juice, a chain of juice bars that uses all-organic produce with more than 90 locations in 13 states.

She got a healthy start on the road to prosperity, earning a B.S. in psychology at Wilmington University while raising a family and launching a business.

“WilmU and learning in the non-traditional model truly helped me to thrive in my career,” says Eckles, chief visionary officer at Clean Juice. “I learned how to multi-task and keep multiple balls in the air at one time. The years I spent studying at WilmU prepared my time management and distribution, as well as trained my brain to be able to transition from one thing to another with little room for interference.”

The busy executives, who live in North Carolina, are the parents of five children. Eckles’ experience at WilmU helped her to achieve a work-life balance that empowered her to succeed in business and at home.

“In addition to the personal behavior patterns that I developed learning this way, taking classes at WilmU allowed me to be more generous with my time, which in turn made me a more present mother and aspiring entrepreneur,” she says. “The flexibility that I was provided with while getting my education allowed for more time spent with my children, meaning a healthy family, as well as more intentional time spent in the early stages of developing our business.”