Dr. Mary Kay Keller Attends Research Conference

Sharing the latest findings in clinical and translational research helps social science professionals who are working in the community, including Wilmington University graduate students, said Dr. Mary Kay Keller, Chair of the Applied Family Science Program.

She attended the ACCEL Community Research Exchange at the University of Delaware, which focused on accelerating research in behavioral and social science. Highlights included a session on addressing health disparities through researching the human genome.

“I look at things in terms of how it can translate to people in the community,” she said. “The more DNA data we have from families the more we will learn about health disparities. That knowledge will help us to better support people.”

Dr. Keller shared what she had learned with students and adjunct professors via Blackboard. She noted that many students pursuing their master’s degrees already are working in the field and research shared at the event benefits them both in the classroom and in the field.

“Many of our students are working adults and translating research from the community is extremely helpful for them,” she said. “I’m energized by the exchange of ideas and excited to share it with others.”