The WilmUniverse of Magic and Technology

The College of Technology (COT) is enchanting audiences with its WilmUniverse of Magic and Technology by offering an interactive and innovative display.

Faculty and students dress as wizards, sport handmade costumes and lure unsuspecting participants into COT classrooms awash with high-tech wonder.

The “universe” emerged from the COT’s newly formed professional learning community, came to life when students showcased their abilities in the areas of motion capture, interactive experiences, cyber security techniques, radio frequency identification and multiple video demos. (There was even a virtual magic broom ride.)

The COT is a premier educational provider of and hub for interdisciplinary technology programs that are not available anywhere else on the East Coast. “We have a very diverse offering of courses here in the College of Technology,” says Scott Shaw, chair of both the Game Design and Development, and Video and Motion Graphics programs at WilmU. “Through this project, we have been able to highlight all of the COT’s programs in a unique and creative manner,” Shaw says.

According to Dr. Anthony Carcillo, director of MS-IST and chair of Technology Project Management, “All faculty and staff work with our students to combine new technologies into the experience: infrared communications, RFID, 3D design, 3D printing, programming, game design, animation, networking, cyber security, hardware and software design, geographical information systems (GIS) and virtual reality — just to name a few.”

Shaw adds that COT students are integral to the overall success of the project. “They’re the ones creating the experiences with the guidance of our faculty,” he says. “Our students get exposed to this kind of technology and we give them the chance to make something great with it that has never been done before. That makes them ready for companies looking to do great things with their skill sets. Our students are amazing and we want them to be the ones in the spotlight.”

College of Technology Dean Dr. Mary Ann Westerfield says that part of the COT’s three-year strategic plan is to increase program-specific awareness both internally and externally. “The COT is currently offering college-specific open houses in order to showcase both our undergraduate and graduate programs in a dynamic, interactive way,” she says. “Potential students are meeting the faculty and staff,  interactively learning about our programs, seeing examples of the exemplary work and demonstrated skill sets of our students, and speaking  directly with our current students.”

The COT, adds Westerfield, “is modeling the way for WilmU students by doing exemplary work, having fun, growing with each other, celebrating strengths, being engaged and creating the atmosphere we value.” WU