Career-focused, flexible, affordable and unparalleled – WilmU works!

WilmU Works For Working Adults

From the stage at Wilmington University’s January 2019 commencement ceremonies, Annette Berry surveyed the audience of her fellow graduates and smiled. “As a mother, military wife, U.S. Navy reservist, full-time employee and volunteer recreational cheerleading coach, time was not on my side in my pursuit of higher learning,” she said.

She was hardly alone in this challenge. “Many of us earned our degrees not in the traditional way, but our way, and by not allowing real life to put the brakes on advancing our educational opportunities and, ultimately, our careers,” she added.

“Many of us earned our degrees not in the traditional way, but our way, and by not allowing real life to put the brakes on advancing our educational opportunities and, ultimately, our careers,”

WilmU worked for Ms. Berry and her classmates, because WilmU works for working adults. It’s not just an advertising slogan—it’s our mission. For more than 50 years, Wilmington University has made educational opportunities available to all students, especially those balancing career obligations, family priorities, and the other demands of real life. Here’s how.

WilmU is career-focused
With more than 150 degree and certificate programs designed and taught by instructors chosen for their real-world experience, WilmU’s Colleges of Arts & Science, Business, Education, Health Professions, Social & Behavioral Sciences, and Technology support your academic and professional goals.

At WilmU, we believe in the power of potential and seek to make higher education available to all who are willing to do the work. As a result, the University’s open admissions policy allows enrollment in most of our accredited academic programs without the need to submit SAT or GRE scores.

WilmU is flexible and affordable
You don’t have to wait long to get started at WilmU. Classes start every eight weeks, and both our traditional semester-long courses and accelerated seven-week block courses hold evening and weekend classes to fit your schedule.

You also never need to travel far. With multiple campuses throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and more than 130 programs offered 100% online, a WilmU education is conveniently close to home, wherever you live.

And WilmU’s value is unparalleled. The most affordable institution of its kind in the Mid-Atlantic, WilmU was also named the fourth most affordable private, nonprofit university nationwide by U.S. News & World Report. As a result, our students graduate with 60% less student debt, which maximizes the return on their educational investment. Additionally, our online options let students keep their day jobs—and their income—while earning their degrees at low tuition rates that are the same for both in-state and out-of-state students.

WilmU is like you
WilmU works for working adults because WilmU is working adults. Most of our 20,000-plus students are over the age of 25, and 87% of our students work full- or part-time.

We enroll four times more transfer students than any other college in the region, and our credit for prior learning initiatives help students fast-track their degrees, and avoid spending tuition dollars on knowledge they already hold. Academic credit can also be awarded for students’ work experience, including trainings, certifications, and licenses, into academic credit.

WilmU understands
“It was my choice to bypass the traditional education route,” noted Annette Berry, as she addressed her fellow graduates in January. “But it was Wilmington University that eliminated every justifiable excuse that I could come up with to say, ‘It’s just not in the cards for me to get a degree.’

“Thank you, WilmU, for getting it,” she said. “For understanding what goes on in the lives of people who have every intention of bettering themselves, just not the time or means to do so. Wilmington University gave us the opportunity to set a goal, and achieve it.”