At WilmU, the “Average Student” is Far From Average

Wilmington University isn’t your average university.

Older students walking

Our students aren’t so average, either. The “average WilmU student” is a Delaware resident over the age of 25, who works full- or part-time and completes a portion of his or her coursework online.

It’s likely that they transferred some college credits to WilmU, in the form of a previous degree, prior college classes, or work experience that translated into academic credit.

While taking classes, they are also working hard to balance family priorities and career obligations. Having a choice of course formats and scheduling options is critical to their success.

WilmU’s average student completes their degree on time (within six years, as defined by national standards). Upon graduation, 82 percent of WilmU alumni are employed full-time and 96 percent recommend WilmU to their friends and family.

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