A Passion for Prior Learning

WilmU Prior Learning Specialist Vincenzo (Vin) Favoroso recently co-led a PLAN (Prior Learning Assessment Network) webinar titled Examining variables that impact adult student persistence.

Vin stands in front of his desk

It focused mainly on how the prior learning assessment (PLA) fits into contemporary education systems and why having one as an option — in any capacity at a college or university — can  improve retention and graduation rates. The informative webinar shed light on Wilmington University’s PLA capabilities.

“The webinar is a huge topic nationally, but it’s also something I’m passionate about,” says Favoroso. “My thesis, Wilmington University Testing Center: Value and Barriers to Successful Implementation, focused specifically on the benefits of prior learning assessments in terms of retention and graduation rates. In fact, research shows that students who earn credit-granting College Level Examination Program (CLEP) scores increased the probability of receiving a college degree by 5.3 percent.”

In his role at the University, Favoroso works with current and prospective students to assess experiential work they may have obtained outside of the traditional classroom. He also researches and evaluates industry-recognized certifications and trainings and aligns them to college credit. In addition, he offers his insights to University chairs.