The Baseball Team’s Home Run

wilmu signing2The Wilmington University baseball team took the field this year with a bigger purpose than just winning games. They were also out to “Strike Out Muscle Disease” all season long.

That’s because of the newest member of the team. In March, 13-year-old Eddie Hazeldine was welcomed to the Wildcat family as he signed a Letter of Participation for the 2016 season in front of team members, Head Coach Brian August, family and friends.

Hazeldine joined the team through the Muscle Movement Foundation by way of organization founder and President Rob DeMasi. Hazeldine, who lives in Wilmington, is fighting Duchenne muscular dystrophy. DMD is the most common form of muscular dystrophy among children. It’s a genetic disease that produces muscle degeneration and weakness throughout the body, and may affect the heart.

Hazeldine recently lost his ability to walk and was making the transition to a power wheelchair when the baseball season began. He needed the wheelchair, a wheelchair accessible automobile, and a wheelchair ramp for his home.

Inspired by his story, the Wildcat baseball team went to bat for the young man this past season by raising awareness of muscular dystrophy and soliciting pledges based on their on-field performance. For instance, pledges were made for every RBI by a Wilmington batter and every strikeout recorded by a Wildcat pitcher. Hazeldine added to the effort by attending many of the team’s home games. WU

For more information on the Muscle Movement Foundation, or to make a donation, visit the website,