A DBA Milestone

Since 2008, Wilmington University’s Doctor of Business Administration program has equipped mid-career individuals in academia, government and business with the education, experience and expertise to help them thrive as C-level executives and leaders in innovation.

“We take only about 40 percent of our applicants,” says Dr. Kathy Kennedy- Ratajack, program chair of the DBA. “It’s a very competitive program.”

The program reached a milestone recently when Thomas Dodds, a consultant from Downingtown, Pennsylvania, successfully defended his dissertation, “The Implications of Risk, Rewards, and Demographics on the Intent to Use Location Based Services (LBS).” Dodds is the 100th DBA candidate to defend a dissertation at WilmU and will graduate from the program in January 2018.

“We had a nice celebration after his defense,” Dr, Kennedy-Ratajack says. “It’s a very exciting achievement for both the student and the College of Business.”

The DBA includes two online and one face-to-face cohorts. Interviews are an important component for students vying for a slot in the program. Recently, online interviews were introduced as part of the application process, attracting candidates from as far afield as Germany.

“Our program enhances the critical thinking skills needed to become high-level leaders,” Dr. Kennedy-Ratajack says. “It’s a practical degree in the business industry, one that is increasingly sought after.”