Award-Winning Alumnae

Two recent Wilmington University graduates are recipients of a 2017 Mid-Atlantic Region Outstanding Continuing Education Student Award.

Marion Chandler

Marion Chandler, who earned a Legal Studies degree, was a high school dropout and worked three jobs while she earned an associate degree at Delaware Technical Community College.

“I wanted to go on and earn a bachelor’s degree, but it was hard to balance works, kids, activities, home,” she recalls. “The variety of class formats offered at WilmU allowed me to continue working and serving my community while attending full-time classes.”

She continued her job as a business manager and graduated a few days before her 42nd birthday. She recently earned certification as a mediator through the Delaware Superior Court and Delaware Bar Association.

Alumna Krista Fowler, a single mother, studied Marketing online while she continued to work. In addition, she had the opportunity to learn other skills that would help her succeed.

Krista Fowler

“I participated in WilmU’s Toastmasters Club meetings, where I actively improved my leadership and public speaking skills,” she says.

Her co-op experience as a Marketing and Communications intern with the Urban Bike Project of Wilmington ignited a desire to work in sectors devoted to helping others. She is now marketing coordinator for Partners in Health and Wellbeing, a psychotherapy practice.

The awards will be presented at the 2017 Mid-Atlantic Region Conference in New Brunswick, New Jersey, on Oct. 4-6. Winners are selected by the University Professional and Continuing Education Association, a national association for professional, continuing and online education.

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